The Mediterranean diet is composed by basic ingredients such as bread, olive oil, fresh fruit, vegetables, white meat and fish, and it is full part of Portuguese social habits. Its countless benefits were acknowledged by UNESCO as World Heritage.

At «Parreirinha», the excellence of Mediterranean food has been kept, throughout the last six decades, both as an Art and as a Portuguese way of living.


- Bread, herb seasoned butter and olive tapenade

- Baked “Mourão” cheese with herbs in a reduction of moscatel wine
- Small sardines in garlic and coriander souce
- Sheep’s cheese
- Traditional cured sausages
- Breaded green beans
- Marinated Mackerel
- Shrimps with garlic
- Multi colored peppers in porto

- Chopped up kale soup with chorizo
- Chilled coriander cream with tomato and goat’s cheese

- Mixed salad with fine herbs
- Mediterranean salad with sultanas and nuts

- Grouper in a loaf gently stewed with baby potatoes and prawns
- Monkfish and bream rise with clams and prawns
- Dried codfish Parreirinha’s style (cooked in oven with corn bread, aromatic herbs, cabbage and boiled eggs, sprinkled with olive oil
- Grilled Dried Cod Fish with baked potatoes, coriander and garlic
- Sauteed octopus and prawns in spicy sauce with baby potatoes
- Grilled sea bass

- Braised beef Terceira island style
- Filet steak with fried egg riding, scallop potatoes and Augusta’s sauce
- Roasted kid with potatoes with sauteed spring greens

- Boiled Shrimps on ice and salt flower
- Grilled Prawns with azorian sauce
- Steam clams au naturel or “Bulhão Pato”

- Mother Argentina’s rice pudding
- Old fashioned egg pudding
- Crème brulée (portuguese style) with wafer
- Chocolate Mousse
- Fruit salad
- A traditional pudding of egg yorks, sugar and baked with cinnamom