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Presentation The History of Parreirinha de Alfama

«Parreirinha de Alfama» was originally a place to buy coal and have simple meals, but since the 1960’s Argentina Santos, a legend of vernacular fado, turned it into a reference point to fado and good food lovers.

In Alberto Rodrigues’ house, and since 1963 of Argentina Santos’, people gathered to talk and to sing all through the night and to enjoy nice traditional food. Here one has listened to the voices of Amália Rodrigues, Lucília do Carmo, Alfredo Marceneiro, Berta Cardoso, Tristão da Silva, Celeste Rodrigues, Maria da Fé, Beatriz da Conceição, among others.  Here there came poets like Linhares Barbosa or Francisco Radamanto.  With «Parreirinha», Alfama has always known how to keep Lisbon’s best food and fado tradition.